Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend!

Chapter 1186: Brother Song

Chapter 1186: Brother Song

The two shadow guards rushed forward and said: "Your Majesty -"

Chu Yan waved his hand and motioned for them to shut up, and reluctantly pulled out a smile: "I'm fine, I'm fine."

Tears kept falling from her eyes, one drop after another, washing the blood and dust on her face.

"You said you're fine, why are you so stupid?" She had seen a long feather arrow stuck in his back shoulder.

The sharp arrow ran through his left shoulder, and the small arrowhead was in front of her.

Chu Yan's face has become pale and he was sluggish. He tried to comfort Bai Zhi but he opened his mouth and didn't say anything. The darkness in front of him engulfed him, and his body collapsed powerlessly. He could only hear Bai Zhi's cries.

He sighed at the bottom of his heart.

He was the emperor, an upright man who stood up to heaven and earth. How come he often faints like a woman recently?

He tried hard to open his eyes to look at Bai Zhi, but his eyelids were like a thousand kilograms. He couldn't hold it anymore. He felt like he has fallen into the ice abyss, he felt so cold.

"Hurry up, carry him inside." Bai Zhi was a little flustered. She kept telling herself not to panic.

But her hands were still shaking and could not stop.

She saw the dark blue light on the arrow, which was the color only after being quenched in the venom for a long time.

Zhou Awu rushed to the scene with two shadow guards. Seeing this scene in front of him, his legs soften. The emperor and Bai Zhi were all covered with blood. The emperor was unconscious, and Bai Zhi was at a loss.

Zhou Awu rushed forward to make sure that the emperor still had breath, and tightly grasped Bai Zhi's trembling hands: "Zhi'er, don't panic, don't panic, now only you can save the emperor, only you can, you can't panic."

Bai Zhi also knew it, but she can't control herself.

Until this time, she could finally feel the families who stood in front of the operating room. They couldn't see anything, but still stared inside and refused to leave for a moment.

Finally, she can understand that the family members who saw her coming out of the operating room, holding her hand tightly and asking what happened with their trembling hands and their flustered mood.


In the broken courtyard across from Yiyi Street, A'Niu finished making fish cages and practiced the characters Bai Zhi taught them with his sister for a while.

Suddenly, there was the voice of his mother talking to someone outside. A'Niu rushed out and saw Brother Song, who had not seen him for a long time. He came in with a basket, followed by a young lady.

A'Niu was so happy that he quickly ran to Big Brother Song and said, "Brother Song, Sister Xiao Qing, you are here? I and Niuniu miss you so much."

Song Lang curled his lips, and his handsome face showed a warm smile like a jade: "Something happened which delayed us. I just returned to Liu County, I came to see you soon." He put down the basket and said: "I brought a pair of medicine, which should cure your mother's eyes. Last time I left in a hurry, I didn't have time to give her a detailed diagnosis, so I came to see it today."

A'Niu grinned and said, "My mother's eyes are much better. A sister I met is very good at medicine. She treated mother."

Song Lang was slightly surprised. He turned his eyes to look at Aniu's mother and saw that she was smiling at him. Her eyes were no longer dull, but also a little bright.

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He looked forward and asked a few more questions. It was only then that he was sure that her eyes had indeed improved a lot. It can be estimated that she would recover soon.

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