I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

Chapter 1365 - 1365 Can’t See Me 3

1365 Can’t See Me 3

Bean-sized beads of sweat seeped from his forehead, gathered, and slid down. They passed through his browbones but did not quite reach his cheeks. Only when his long eyelashes moved did they dangle in the air.


Xu Xiaoshou moved at the speed of light and caught the drop of sweat. He was afraid that if the drop of sweat left his body, his Vanishing Technique would disappear and he would be detected by the true Demi-Saint Jiang Buyi.

The moment the ‘genuine’ Demi-Saint Jiang Buyi appeared, he felt that his heart had stopped beating!

“That was terrifying!”

“Was a true Demi-Saint really that terrifying?”

Xu Xiaoshou thought about what Water Ghost had said to him in the Deep Sea.

“When the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale jumps, don’t take any chances, and don’t try to resist. The power of a Demi-Saint isn’t something you can resist at your current level.”

“Run as far as you can!”

When he was pursued by Jiang Buyi in the Deep Sea, Xu Xiaoshou had only felt that death was near, but the threat he felt then was far less than one-ten-thousandth of what he felt now!

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou finally understood.

It turned out that the Demi-Saint’s pressure he felt in the Deep Sea was already at the safest level after being weakened by the Spell Forbidden Barrier.

It also turned out that after leaving the Spell Forbidden Barrier, the oppression brought by the words and actions of a true Demi-Saint was far more terrifying than any unknown in the world.


“Water Ghost, how dare you blaspheme and slaughter a Saint at the Higher Void State?”

“Bazhun’an, did you know that you suppressed a bunch of monsters like this in the Inner Island of the Abyss Island? They even surpassed the Demi-Saint Holy Emperor.”

Xu Xiaoshou was on the verge of a mental breakdown. He couldn’t help but roar in his heart, “You’ve set up the arrangement. Why did you use me, such a small fry, as bait?”

The person in question now had a lingering fear.

Xu Xiaoshou regretted it very much.

He had seen the Demi-Saint Zang Ren before, but he had been suppressed by the various wills in his body.

He had experienced Ai Cangsheng’s Evil Sin Bow’s arrows many times. In the end, he realized that Water Ghost who was at the Higher Void State could resist an attack with his Sea God’s Trident.

He had heard that Bazhun’an had suppressed a group of Demi-Saints and the Holy Emperor in order to grow his strength. In the long run, he felt that Demi-Saints were nothing. It was just a realm. When the time came, it would be enough if he had a pair of hands.

But now, he realized…

It was a mistake!

A big mistake!

These freaks had lived for far too long, and they were also very powerful.

As the members of the Saint Servant Nine Thrones faction in the Holy Divine Palace who could shake the most powerful force in the world, what Bazhun’an and Water Ghost had done was nothing serious!

However, even he, a little guy who had cultivated for less than a year, had been so ambitious and thought that a Demi-Saint was mediocre, after being involved in the situation. Even if he had a plan, he could also die.

That was really like an ant trying to shake a tree, such ignorance!


After taking a deep breath, Xu Xiaoshou’s heartbeat calmed down, and he stopped trembling.

Did he dare to move?

He didn’t dare to move at all.

Even the Vanishing Technique was not safe enough. He had tried hard to develop the ‘Stealth’ skill from a passive to an active skill and then pushed it to the extreme, but Xu Xiaoshou still felt that it was not enough.

At this moment, he realized that ‘Stealth’ was the real Divine Skill. As long as Jiang Buyi could not find him, it would be fine. He did not have any other requests.

“I’ve really, completely gone crazy.”

When he thought of his actions just now, Xu Xiaoshou was filled with regret.

It wasn’t an accident that he called the Saint by his name. It was part of Xu Xiaoshou’s plan.

He had planned to lure Jiang Buyi out in the middle of the fight. Then, he would use his Drawing Expertise to ‘lend a hand to this guy’, slap the Holy Miracle Fruit on his face, and rub it so hard that the sap would spill out.

In this way, no matter how smart the Void Attendant was, it was impossible for him not to pick a fight with Jiang Buyi based on what he had said earlier.

As such, he, Xu Xiaoshou, would be like Grand Duke Xu as he sat on the fishing platform.

The plan was perfect, wasn’t it?

But now…

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Xu Xiaoshou, who used the Vanishing Technique to stay hidden, felt a chill run down his spine as he looked at Jiang Buyi, who had the Saint Language and whose every move could trigger the Way of the Heavens in the Abyss Island.

He hated the fact that his resources were so scarce that they did not give him enough sense of security!

“Can’t see me, can’t see me, can’t see me…”


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