Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1525: Overbearing

Chapter 1525: Overbearing

“As expected of Azure Sacred Land, it’s reserves are indeed deep! One day of cultivation in here is equivalent to more than 1 million years of cultivation in the outside world.”

Yang Feng broke out with countless mysterious runes, and a terrible energy whirlpool that seems to be capable of devouring everything emerged.

“It’s more efficient to devour a sea formed from Eternal origin energy!”

Yang Feng looked at the suns with a flash of greed in his eyes. Then his figure fluttered, and he turned into a stream of light and flew towards another origin energy sea.

In a few breaths of time, Yang Feng crossed millions of kilometers and appeared above the origin energy sea.

In the middle of the origin energy sea, violent storms surged.

In the center of the violent storms, there is a person full of sacred aura surrounded by a mild wind. That person is Sacred Wind.

“Get lost!”

The moment when Yang Feng approached the origin energy sea, Sacred Wind opened his eyes, emanated 8th layer Eternal realm aura, and barked.

In an instant, the origin energy sea churned as if the gods were angry, and an endless storm of wind blades that can slay Eternals suddenly broke and slashed towards Yang Feng.

“Oh, you dare provoke me! You have dug a hole for yourself!”

With an indifferent look in his eyes, Yang Feng stepped into the endless storm.

Force fields appeared around Yang Feng and easily crashed the wind blades unleashed by Sacred Wind.

Yang Feng took a step, arrived in front of Sacred Wind, and unleashed a fist that crushed the space and barreled towards Sacred Wind.

“Yang Feng, you must have a death wish!”

Sacred Wind’s eyes flickered with the color of rage, and 10 feathers full of sacred aura and containing Eternal King fluctuations of power flew out.

The 10 feathers full of sacred aura and containing Eternal King fluctuations of power are feathers of the Eternal King called Sacred Crystal Goose King that lived in Eternal World 100 billion years ago.

Sacred Wind had a fateful encounter and obtained Sacred Crystal Goose King’s inheritance. Only then did he have a meteoric rise and advance all the way to an 8th layer Eternal. The 10 feathers of Sacred Crystal Goose King are Sacred Wind’s trump card. He has refined them into Eternal treasures and used them to slay many powerful enemies.

Countless mysterious wind runes appeared on the 10 feathers. The 10 crystal-like feathers resonated with each other, converged into one, and formed a crystal blade that ripped the space and slashed towards Yang Feng.

When the jade blade slashed towards Yang Feng, the whole origin energy sea billowed. An endless amount of Eternal origin force was extracted and condensed into a terrifying blade ray that barreled towards Yang Feng.

“That’s a pretty good Eternal treasure! It’s a shame, but it’s master is too weak!”

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed coldly, and a star appeared and knocked into the terrifying blade ray.


Along with a world-shaking blare, the terrifying blade ray was blasted apart by Yang Feng’s punch. Next the star slammed into Sacred Wind and blew him hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

Sacred Wind spat out a large mouthful of blood. He surged with countless wind runes, and defensive barriers appeared one after another. After hundreds of defensive barriers collapsed in succession, only then was he able to block Yang Feng’s punch.

Sacred Wind stared at Yang Feng, a flash of disbelief in his eyes, “So strong! How is Yang Feng so strong! He just recently advanced to an 8th layer Eternal! I have advanced to an 8th layer Eternal 100,000 years ago! How could he defeat me! And it was such a crushing defeat!”

Ever since he obtained Sacred Crystal Goose King’s inheritance, Sacred Wind was practically invincible in the same realm. Yet now he was defeated by Yang Feng with one punch. This is a great blow to him.

“To receive my punch and not die, you have some skill! Get lost! Other wise, the next move will claim your life!”

Yang Feng swept Sacred Wind with his eyes, left a few cold words, and then dived into the origin energy sea and frenziedly devoured the origin energy sea.

Sacred Wind’s eyes flickered with apprehension. He hesitated for a moment, and then sighed, smiled bitterly, and gave up the idea to continue to challenge Yang Feng. His figure fluttered, and he turned into a stream of light and flew away.

The competition over the posion of young lord of Azure Sacred Hall is extremely cruel. So long as it is within the scope of the rules, then even if Sacred Wind is killed, Azure Sacred Hall won’t punish Yang Feng.

Since Yang Feng defeated Sacred Wind, this origin energy sea belongs to him. If Sacred Wind bothers Yang Feng again and is killed, Azure Sacred Hall won’t blame Yang Feng. Of course, if Yang Feng takes the initiative and kills Sacred Wind, Azure Sacred Hall will punish him severely.

Three days later, the origin energy sea was completely devoured by Yang Feng.

Yang Feng’s figure fluttered, and he disappeared from this place and proceeded to another origin energy sea.

“So strong! There’s actually someone who has cultivated the essence of devour to this degree! How fearsome!”

Along with a flash of ripples, Sacred Wind walked out of the void and looked at the nearly limitless sea bed, and his eyes flickered with the shade of shock.

Sacred Wind’s complexion alternated between ashen and flushed, “Even if it’s an Eternal tycoon, it would taken him upwards of a year to devour such an origin energy sea. Yet Yang Feng only needed three days. He has clearly surpassed ordinary Eternal tycoons in terms of strength.”

Sacred Wind previously still entertained the idea of challenging Yang Feng. But when he saw Yang Feng devour the origin energy sea in three days, he perished all such thoughts.

“This is the direction of the origin energy sea occupied by Desolate Lightning! It feels pretty good knowing that someone else is as unlucky as I am.”

Sacred Wind looked in the direction that Yang Feng disappeared, and the corners of his mouth rose into a smile. His figure fluttered, and he flew in the same direction at a leisurely pace.

In an origin energy sea shrouded by lightning, countless drops of the origin energy sea water rose into the air, fell into a thunder bead, and transformed into lightning containing the essence of lightning that plunged into Desolate Lightning’s body.

Ripples rose in the air, and Yang Feng appeared at the edge of the origin energy sea.

“Get lost!”

In the center of the origin energy sea, Desolate Lightning opened his eyes and spoke in a domineering tone.

The entire origin energy sea surged with thundering lightning as if stimulated by the god of lightning.

When Sacred Wind saw this scene, his face twitched. He felt as if he was watching his past self.

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“You’re the one who should get lost!”

With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng took a step and entered the origin energy sea full of lightning.

The barriers aroung Yang Feng surged and devoured the lightning enveloping the origin energy sea.

Yang Fen unleashed a punch, and a star appeared abruply and shot towards Desolate Lightning.

“Seeking death!”

Desolate Lightning’s eyes shimmered ferociously. Countless strands of lightning broke out and formed a lightning armor and a lightning axe that he equipped.

Desolate Lightning swung the lightning axe, and a black bolt of lightning suddenly appeared. A phantom of a desolate and lifeless world appeared.

A black lightning blade that can suppress and annihilate anything shot towards Yang Feng.

When the star collided with the black lighning blade, it crushed the black lightning blade, and then slammed into Desolate Lightning.

Desolate Lightning was blasted hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, and a large amount of blood spilled.

“Get lost! Or die!”

Yang Feng shot Desolate Lightning a cold look, and then turned into a stream of light, plunged into the origin energy sea, and frantically devoured its Eternal origin.

Desolate Lightning’s complexion alternated between ashen and flushed. All of a sudden, he raised his head, looked in the direction of Sacred Wind, and asked through greeted teeth, “Sacred Wind, were you also defeated at his hands?”

“I was!”

Along with a gust of wind, Sacred Wind appeared in front of Desolate Lightning.

Desolate Lightning clenched his fists, greeted his teeth, and asked, his face ashen, “Then why didn’t you warn me?”

Sacred Wind smiled and responded, “Because I shouldn’t be the only one down on my luck.”

Desolate Lightning’s gaze turned cold, and he asked somberly, “If we work together, can we defeat him?”

Sacred Wind replied flatly, “Not a chance. We’ll just die.”

Desolate Lightning sighed lightly and uttered, “His strength has surprisingly reached this stage. It that case, an ordinary Eternal tycoon might not be a match for him”

Sacred Wind nodded his head.

Desolate Lightning and Sacred Wind are 8th layer Eternal realm powerhouses and can somewhat contend against the weakest Eternal tycoons. Since Yang Feng was able to easily defeat them, this means that his strength has reached the level of an ordinary Eternal tycoon.

Sacred Wind suddenly asked, “Do you want to warn Origin Dark Eye?”

Desolate Lightning responded indifferently, “If the three of us are down on our luck, I think that will make me feel better.”

The two looked at each other and smiled, and a sense of solidarity welled up inside them.

A day later, the nearly endless origin energy sea was completely devoured by Yang Feng.

Yang Feng’s figure fluttered, and he disappeared from this place and flew towards another origin energy sea.

Ripples rose in the void, and Sacred Wind and Desolate Lightning appeared above the giant basin that remained from the origin energy sea.

Desolate Lightning looked at the giant basin with apprehension, “He devoured the origin energy sea in just a day! How scary!”


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