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Chapter 1159 - There Must Be Another Goal

Chapter 1159: There Must Be Another Goal

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Although it had only been a few days, they were all prisoners now. Their lives were in the hands of others, and it was unknown when they would be taken away.

This unknown feeling was the most uncomfortable.

Hearing footsteps, they all looked up. They initially thought that Chi Yang had sent food in, but they did not expect it to be Xiao Zhen.

Their daily meals were the only thing they could look forward to because Jian Ai said that since they were still alive, they should be given human rights.

Therefore, Chi Yang was never careless with their meals every day. He would not repeat items for a few days in a row. Moreover, he would give them wonderful red wine for every meal. It could be said to be quite considerate and luxurious.

Seeing that it was not Chi Yang, they silently looked away. No one said anything, but it revealed disappointment in their silence.

Xiao Zhen stood at the door and blinked inexplicably, but he didn’t think too much about it. He walked into the room and stood in front of Irene.

Irene slowly raised her head. Her blue eyes were as pure and deep as the sea. Her white eyelashes trembled slightly as she asked Xiao Zhen what he wanted.

Xiao Zhen reached out and handed the phone to Irene. “Our people are at the mercenary group’s headquarters now. Leader Hans wants to talk to you!”

When everyone heard the words ‘Leader Hans,’ they couldn’t help but sit up straight with shocked expressions.

Irene was the same. She did not expect the other party to go to the mercenary headquarters.

Reaching out to take the phone, Irene placed it beside her ear. Her mouth moved before she said, “Leader?”

On the other end of the phone, Hans had been waiting for a long time. When he heard Irene’s voice, he was slightly agitated. “Irene! It’s me! How are you?”

Hearing Hans’ voice, Irene couldn’t help but close her eyes and take a deep breath. After being trapped for so many days, Hans’ voice seemed to come from another world, making Irene’s heart surge.

“We’re all still alive, but we can’t leave now,” Irene said slowly.

This was enough for Hans. Knowing that Irene and the rest were still alive, he felt at ease. He couldn’t help but say, “Don’t worry. Bear with it for a few more days. I’ll ask them to let you go!”

Saying nothing else, the two of them hung up. Irene returned the phone to Xiao Zhen, who turned around and left without saying a word.

“About that…”

Unexpectedly, as soon as he reached the door, Irene’s voice sounded from behind him. It was obvious that she was calling Xiao Zhen.

Xiao Zhen stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Irene questioningly.

Irene’s face was slightly red. She blinked and said embarrassedly, “When are we eating?”

Xiao Zhen: “…”

“It’ll be right here,” Xiao Zhen turned around and said softly before leaving the room.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Xiao Zhen left, Louise looked at Gale angrily. “Gale, did you reveal the location of the headquarters?”

Gale was stunned. Over the past few days, he had been suffering the most physically and mentally. His usual exaggerated playboy appearance had already disappeared. After being used with the Spiritual Art twice, Gale felt he had lost two memories. Over the past few days, he had been extremely depressed, but he could remember nothing no matter how hard he tried.

Shaking his head, Gale said innocently, “It wasn’t me. I know nothing.”

He knew nothing, but he could not guarantee that he had said nothing.

Seeing that he knew he was guilty, Louise couldn’t help but say aggressively, “What do you mean you don’t know? Over the past few days, they’ve only taken you out twice. Did you betray the leader to save your life?”

“Louise, Gale won’t!” At this moment, Andrew couldn’t help but say.

His tanned face frowned as he looked at Louise and said, “Although he doesn’t look reliable usually, he’s definitely not the type to betray the organization.”

“I believe in Gale too,” Eugene said slowly.

Even the usually taciturn Robert said, “Louise, you’re too suspicious. We’re companions. We can’t doubt each other!”

“But he…” Louise wanted to say something but hesitated. Perhaps she felt she had no evidence, so she swallowed her words.

Seeing this, Andrew quickly changed the topic and looked at Irene. “Irene, was that Leader Hans?”

Irene nodded.

The others couldn’t help but look delighted. Louise quickly asked, “What did the leader say?”

Irene hid nothing and said bluntly, “He asked us to bear with it for a few more days. He said that he had already reached a consensus with the other party and would let us go soon!”

When they heard this, they couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. No matter what, they had saved their lives this time!

As mercenaries, they were naturally not afraid of death. However, everyone was like this and would always feel indignant. They were all very rare ability users in the world, so they naturally felt aggrieved to die like this. Therefore, even if they were not afraid of death, they still yearned to live.

On the other hand, Hans felt even more at ease when he heard Irene’s voice. He felt grateful that Jian Ai had spared their lives.

He had done his best to recruit six ability users over the years. Even though he knew that Jian Ai kept them alive to leave a backup plan for herself or use them as a bargaining chip to negotiate with him, he was still grateful.

“I plan to hold a banquet tonight to entertain you. Please come,” Hans said to Jian Ai.

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From his tone, Jian Ai could feel the change in his attitude towards her. She couldn’t help but smile. “It’s our honor to receive Leader Hans’ hospitality!”

At night, Hans indeed carried out his words. The villa halfway up the mountain was filled with fragrance. Not only was Hans the host, but all the core members of the mercenary group were also present. It looked like Hans wanted to make friends with Jian Ai.

“This scene is a little scary!”

Even Yun Buyao, who had been in the entertainment circle for a long time, was a little frightened. Strong and burly men could be seen everywhere. One could tell with just a look that they had been trained for a long time. They gave off the same feeling as Leader Hans.

“These are all the higher-ups of the mercenary group. Leader Hans’s attitude is telling us that he values our arrival,” Jian Ai whispered.

“That doesn’t make sense.” Yun Buyao was a little puzzled. “We’re not here for a social gathering. Even if we let Irene and the rest live, their attitude towards us shouldn’t have changed like this, right?”

At this moment, Yu Wuyuan slowly said, “I think he must have another goal.”

Jian Ai nodded in agreement. “It’s indeed abnormal to be so friendly. There might be something else waiting for us. However, let’s not guess what it will be. He should say it soon!”


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