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Chapter 631 - 631 Chapter 631 International Exhibition (16)

631 Chapter 631 International Exhibition (16)

The group of five went straight up to the third floor. Warren led the way while Gu Qingchen and Timothy Ruskin walked in the middle. Beside Gu Qingchen, Ding Hao and Qingniao followed.

After going up to the third floor, Gu Qingchen finally understood why Timothy Ruskin had been emphasizing that she should follow closely behind Timothy Ruskin.

The third floor was really crowded with people of all kinds and colors.

Moreover, in the exhibition hall on the third floor, Gu Qingchen could hear all kinds of languages. Although English was the common language, when they communicated privately, they would still use their native languages.

What surprised Gu Qingchen was that she could actually understand the languages of these people.

Previously, she only knew that her English and German were good. Now she finally knew that she should be an encyclopedia of the world’s languages.

Gu Qingchen began to doubt if she would be able to understand the language of animals in the future? Thinking of this, Gu Qingchen could not help but shudder. She rubbed the goosebumps on her body. She felt that it was better not to think too much about it.

As Warren walked, he pointed at Gu Qingchen and introduced, “There are many exhibits here. They are basically divided into districts. There is the Jade area, the diamond area, the gold area, the pearl area, and the gemstone area. There are also other miscellaneous areas, the small jewelry area.”

Gu Qingchen listened to Warren’s introduction. Just listening to it, she could feel how grand this exhibition was. It was just the division of gemstones, but there were already so many divisions.

“Child prodigy, why don’t we go to the Jade Stone area first!”

Timothy Ruskin couldn’t wait to pull Gu Qingchen to the jade stone area. He was only interested in Jade now, and Gu Qingchen was so good at picking raw materials. Of course, he had to pull Gu Qingchen to the jade stone area.

Gu Qingchen thought for a moment and nodded. “Okay, let’s go to the Jade Stone District to take a look first.”

Gu Qingchen was quite familiar with jade. She also wanted to see if there were any good raw stone (s) here, and also to buy them back.

Didn’t Warren say that? Many people from the origin took out those old treasures. So this time, those raw stone (s) should be of good quality.

Seeing that Gu Qingchen agreed, Timothy Ruskin was immediately excited. He walked quickly to the Jade area, afraid that Gu Qingchen would go back on her words in the next second.

There were more people in the Jade area, which occupied a large area. It basically occupied a big corner.

Gu Qingchen had a general observation and found that most of the raw stone (s) sold here were raw stone and semi-raw stone. Only a small portion of the Jade was on display.

It seemed that these people were more interested in betting on raw stone (s) .

Betting on raw stone (s) was risky, but it was precisely because of the risk that there were rewards and surprises! Therefore, many people liked this kind of betting on raw stone (s) and enjoyed the process. They were looking forward to the moment when the raw stone (s) was unlocked.

Gu Qingchen looked at the pieces of raw stone (s) . From the looks of the raw stone (s) , she knew that they were not bad.

But How was it exactly? Gu Qingchen still needed to touch them to find out.

“Hi! Timothy Ruskin, you’re so Late!”

Timothy Ruskin turned his head and saw Douglas Lowell who had quarreled with him in Gu Qingchen’s shop that day.

Seeing Douglas Lowell, Timothy Ruskin immediately put on a straight face. The last person he wanted to see right now was Douglas Lowell.

Originally, Douglas Rowel was still excitedly greeting Timothy rowel, but when Douglas rowel saw Gu Qingchen, his eyes immediately lit up and he quickly walked over to Gu Qingchen’s side.

In the end, it was Timothy Rowel who blocked Gu Qingchen’s way. Douglas rowel directly hugged Timothy Rowel.

However, when Douglas Rowell realized that he was carrying Timothy Ruskin, and Gu Qingchen was right in front of him, he pushed Timothy Ruskin away in surprise and said in disdain, “Why did you pounce on me? I don’t want to Hug You.”

Sure enough, the two of them started to fight as soon as they met. They had just met, and they were already on the verge of fighting.

“Do you think you can hug a child prodigy just like that? Go, go, go. Look at your big and dark appearance. If you really hug a child prodigy and scare him, can you bear this responsibility?”

Timothy Ruskin had already gone easy on him. It was already good enough that he did not say that he looked like a black brown bear.

Douglas Lowell rubbed the back of his head. He felt that what Timothy Ruskin said made sense.

After seeing Gu Qingchen today, he did not want to lower himself to the same level as Timothy Ruskin. Douglas Lowell bypassed Timothy Ruskin and came to Gu Qingchen. He said excitedly. “Little prodigy, are you also here to participate in this exhibition? This is great. We are really fated!”

In the end, before Gu Qingchen could say anything, Douglas Lowell was pushed aside by Timothy Ruskin. As he pushed him, he said, “What kind of fate? The child prodigy was obviously invited by me. Don’t come here to join in the fun.”

What a joke. He was the one who invited him. He did not intend to let Douglas Rowell enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Douglas Rowell was stunned for a moment, and then he slapped his forehead in realization, “Why didn’t I think of that! ?”! As expected, you Caucasians are quick-witted and calculative. If I had known earlier, I would have invited the little prodigy too. I didn’t expect you to take advantage of me. What a pity! But since we’ve already met. It means that we’re fated. Little Prodigy, I still have some knowledge about jade and want to ask you for advice! Let’s go together later. I know a lot of people here. I will introduce them to you later. They are also very interested in Jade. I believe that they will definitely feel honored to meet you.”

When Timothy Ruskin heard that Douglas Rowell meant to rely on them, instantly, Timothy Ruskin’s face looked as if it was constipated. He did not look too good.

He could have monopolized the child prodigy and secretly learned from him. But Douglas Rowell came out of nowhere and now it was the two of them sharing Gu Qingchen alone!

It always felt like… he was being taken advantage of.

Timothy Rowell disagreed with all sorts of things. Unfortunately, Douglas Rowell didn’t care whether Timothy Rowell agreed or not and just shamelessly followed Gu Qingchen.

Gu Qingchen did not have any antipathy towards Douglas Rowell.

Douglas Rowell was in the diamond business. Gu Qingchen had not come into contact with diamonds before. She felt that it was good to know more about them, so she agreed to go with Douglas Rowell.


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