Reincarnated As A Demonic Dragon, I Formed A Pact With A Beautiful Female Lord

Chapter 107 - 107 An Arrow That Ignored the Rules of The Overlord Plane

107 An Arrow That Ignored the Rules of The Overlord Plane

The regional championship of the Inter-Campus Tournament had reached the most critical stage.

Su Wan from Star Academy and Baili Yun from Dongchuan Academy faced each other. However, Su Wan was unconscious but her hero, Xu Yuan, was still by her side.

Baili Yun, on the other hand, had fallen. His hero was dead.

“Come, my warriors!” he said. “Let’s burn bright in the last moments of our lives!”

Baili Yun used an item to forcefully open a portal from the arena to his territory. Although a Lord could summon other troops from his territory, it wasn’t guaranteed that he would be successful.

Baili Yun’s method was suitable for a sudden attack. The Dimension Portal opened and soldiers emerged from it. Unfortunately, the Plague Messenger hadn’t been resurrected yet. Otherwise, it could have stopped Baili Yun from making a mistake.

Before he understood the deeper meaning of the Plague Messenger’s words, Baili Yun had decided to launch an all-out attack and fight to the death!

“It’s been a long time since someone has made me so miserable! I have to admit that you are the strongest opponent I have ever encountered!”

Su Wan couldn’t hear Baili Yun. The troops rushed out of the Dimensional Portal.

“Foolish!” said Xu Yuan.

Baili Yun’s troops burned in dark flames. His soldiers that were burned to death by the dark flames were resurrected and started fighting again. However, they fought for the enemy. Any creature that was burned by the Demonic Dragon’s Breath had a high chance of being converted into Xu Yuan’s underlings.

However, this effect didn’t last forever. After the time limit, they returned to their original selves.

On the battlefield, this ability was still useful.

Baili Yun felt a sense of despair as he watched the battlefield that was filled with dark flames. The number of troops on his side kept decreasing, while the enemy’s troops kept increasing.

“Why?” said Baili Yun. “How could a monster like you exist?”

Baili Yun couldn’t understand. ‘What kind of dragon is this?’

He knew that there existed the Dragon Clan, but he had never heard of a dragon with such an ability.

“This is unfair!” whined Baili Yun. “How could the Overlord Plane allow a creature to have such an ability?”

Baili Yun punched a tree in anger. Ever since he had used special methods to kill the other potential heirs of the Baili family, his life had sailed smoothly. He had never faced a setback like this.

“Why isn’t he my hero?” muttered Baili Yun. He clutched at his hair. His eyes looked as though they were going to pop out of their sockets.

“Dark Dragon, you’re so powerful. Why are you working with that little girl when you could work with someone much stronger? You and I could rule the entire Overlord Plane! We can rule the three realms together!”

Baili Yun felt that it was all unfair. Su Wan was not a Lord with great talent and strategy. A powerful hero assigned to her was a waste. On the other hand, he was ambitious and could unify the world under one power. However, he had never met such a powerful hero!

“What a joke!” exclaimed Xu Yuan.

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Baili Yun had already gone crazy. “If I can’t have all that, no one can! Don’t even think about it.”

He watched as his own troops decreased and the enemy’s troops increased. He had made a rash decision.

“Plague Messenger, you can understand my reluctance, right?”

Baili Yun turned and looked at the Dimension Portal. His territory was visible through it. He talked to the portal as if addressing the Plague Messenger in person.

‘I’ll end the contract with the Plague Messenger. The Plague Messenger will no longer be bound by the rules of the Overlord’s plane. As a price, I’ll…’

A bow and an arrow appeared in Baili Yun’s hands. The bow and arrow were emerald-green. A green mist filled the air.

Su Wan finally gained consciousness. She saw that Baili Yun aimed the emerald-green arrow at her.

Her eyes widened. This was dangerous. If that arrow flew toward her, she would surely be killed this time!

Even with the Territory Core intact, she wouldn’t be able to revive!

“Without the Plague Messenger, I can no longer participate in the tournament,” said Baili Yun. “Forget about the tournament!”

Baili Yun’s face was fierce. His eyes looked insane. He had gone completely mad.

He had been mentally affected since his childhood. He had already canceled his contract with Plague Messenger at this point.

He had given up on the Plague Messenger, and the Plague Messenger had returned to the Hero Plane.

He was able to ignore the rule of the Hero Plane because of this. If the arrow hits Su Wan, she would be annihilated.

After her death, even if Xu Yuan chose to complete the tournament in her stead, she could never be resurrected.

Su Wan could only stare at the emerald-green arrow that pointed at her. Her eyes were wide in shock. She wanted to escape, but she couldn’t move.

She wanted to shout, but she was so exhausted because of the side effects from her recent transformation. She could do nothing but remain there and watch silently.

She had only one choice, and that was to wait for death to reach her.

“Die!” Baili Yun shot the arrow.

It flew ever closer to Su Wan. Baili Yun knew he couldn’t fight the Dark Dragon. His target, therefore, was Su Wan.

If the Dark Dragon shielded Su Wan, he would be annihilated. After that, Su Wan wouldn’t stand a chance to compete in the tournament. She will no longer be his opponent.

If the Dark Dragon did not block the path, Su Wan would be killed and would no longer be able to compete in the tournament.

Baili Yun had thought everything through.


The arrow did not reach Su Wan. Someone caught the arrow in his hands. It stopped midair. The poisonous mist that exuded from the arrow corroded the man’s hand.

‘He turned into a human!’ thought Su Wan.

The dragon wings behind his back unfurled. Su Wan could feel the warmth of the flame at the end of his tail.

The man was half-human and half-dragon. He had his back to Su Wan. She was in a daze as she stared at his back.

Su Wan never thought she would see him again in human form. This was a glorious moment!


Xu Yuan snapped the arrow with his bare hands. He was furious. Usually, he despised Su Wan for being so weak as a Lord, but she was still under his protection.

Losing and winning were a part of the competition. However, Baili Yun’s vicious attack to destroy Su Wan angered him.


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