The Lucky Bride Is Pretty And Delicate

Chapter 443 - 443 Confrontation With Master Hui Zhen (Part 2)

443 Confrontation With Master Hui Zhen (Part 2)

However, other than crushing Liu Sanniang’s shoulder, she could not go any further because a pure force kept repairing Liu Sanniang again and again.

Even if Hui Zhen squeezed Liu Sanniang’s shoulder so hard that it was almost turned into mush, her shoulder could still be repaired. Hui Zhen’s face darkened as she continuously exerted more strength.

She thought that Liu Sanniang would become weaker and weaker, but gradually, Hui Zhen felt that something was wrong. Liu Sanniang was devouring her power.

When Hui Zhen realized this, she panicked. She had to retreat or fight Liu Sanniang to the death.

Hui Zhen’s mental defense was strong. Liu Sanniang was not Hui Zhen’s match yet, but she would not die either. Even if she was injured, she would heal quickly. She was slowly devouring her power. One day, she would be stronger than her and completely crush her.

Hui Zhen took a deep breath and gathered a force in her hand. Her palm was already covered with a layer of frost, instantly freezing Liu Sanniang’s shoulder.

Liu Sanniang’s face turned pale. Just as Hui Zhen was about to grab Liu Sanniang’s wrist to break her bone, Liu Sanniang let go of her hand.

The force that Liu Sanniang released to attack Hui Zhen also retreated.

Outsiders couldn’t see the intense fight between the two of them, but they couldn’t get close to them either. Once they got closer, they would feel an enormous pressure that was pushing them away.

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At this moment, these Daoist nuns understood what kind of powerful psychic Liu Sanniang was to be able to resist Hui Zhen for so long.

After the two of them let go, the Daoist nuns nervously went forward to support Hui Zhen and asked worriedly. “Master Hui Zhen, how are you?”

Hui Zhen’s body was all messed up. She looked at Liu Sanniang coldly and was determined to kill her. She had used almost half of her strength, but she could not even kill someone who did not belong to any sect. She felt a strong sense of danger.

If Liu Sanniang did not die, she would be the one headed towards her demise.

Hui Zhen took a deep breath. “I’m fine.”

Liu Sanniang’s expression was calm. Other than her lips turning a little pale, she appeared exactly like before the fight.

Hui Zhen was even more shocked.

Liu Sanniang looked at Hui Zhen. “In half a month, you will be reduced to ashes.”

Liu Sanniang turned around and walked towards Chu Yan. He held her hand and she felt a pure force enter her body, instantly warming her up. She smiled at Chu Yan.

He was stronger than her, but he had never really made a move. It was as if he only wanted to protect her. Why was that? She thought that she would find out the reason eventually.

Hui Zhen watched them leave with a dark expression.

The Daoist nuns did not dare to stop them. They looked at Hui Zhen and said, “Master…”

Hui Zhen did not say anything, so they could only watch as Liu Sanniang and Chu Yan opened the door and walked out unobstructed.

Blood trickled down from the corner of Hui Zhen’s mouth. She swallowed the blood in her mouth and instructed in a low voice. “Cook all the ingredients and send a dish to those who have dined here. Tell them that I’m just showing my gratitude.”

The Daoist nuns nodded. “Yes.”

They had never seen Hui Zhen injured like this before and knew that the matter was serious. After receiving the order, they hurriedly went away to do it.

Hui Zhen looked at Su Yanyu and the others. Her eyes darkened. If it wasn’t Su Yanyu who came today, but someone of average status, she wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

Su Yanyu was the only son of Marquis Su. If anything happened to him, how could Marquis Su let the matter rest?

Hui Zhen took out a copper bell from her sleeve and gently shook it on Su Yanyu’s forehead. After a few rings, she put away the copper bell.

She instructed the Daoist nuns at the side. “Carry them inside and prepare food and wine. When they wake up, feed them those dishes and wine.”

“Yes, Master.”

The Daoists nuns carried Su Yanyu and the others away one by one.

Hui Zhen took a deep breath. She was seriously injured by Liu Sanniang today. She did not know how badly injured Liu Sanniang was.

Liu Sanniang was young, but her ability was shocking.

Hui Zhen gritted his teeth and stood up to leave.

The ingredients that stank were also cleaned up.

There were more than ten Daoist nun in Suzhai Pavilion. At this moment, they were all busy.

Su Yanyu and the others only woke up in the middle of the night. The moment he woke up, he rubbed his forehead. “Strange, why did I fall asleep in Suzhai Pavilion? My head hurts. How did I fall asleep…”

The others also woke up one after another.

One of them yawned. “Your Lordship, it’s already so late today. Let’s go back first.”

Su Yanyu nodded. “Indeed. If I don’t go back now, I’ll probably be punished to kneel in the ancestral hall for a day.”

Su Yanyu yawned. “Li Wei, Cheng Yan, I fell asleep, but why did you guys fall asleep too? Mu Cong, you as well.”

Li Wei and Cheng Yan smiled awkwardly. “We have no idea.”

Mu Cong was still in a daze. Li Wei saw that he did not speak for a long time, so he reached out and elbowed him. “Mu Cong, what’s wrong? Did you sleep too much?”

Only then did Mu Cong come back to his senses. “Your Lordship, do you feel like… you’ve forgotten some memory?”

A trace of panic flashed across Mu Cong’s eyes. He clenched his fists tightly to hold back the panic. He looked at Li Wei, Cheng Yan, and Su Yanyu. They looked puzzled for a moment before shaking their heads. “I think the effect of the wine in Suzhai Pavilion is a little strong. That was why we all got drunk.”

Su Yanyu rubbed his neck. “The wine is much stronger than what we had before. My neck is starting to hurt.”

Mu Cong lowered his eyes and stuttered. “Yes, yes.”

Su Yanyu and the others did not notice his abnormal tone.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door. Li Wei stood up and opened the door.

The Daoist nun’s expression was calm. “Has Lord Su woken up? You’re all drunk. It’s already midnight. Suzhai Pavilion made some vegetable porridge and snacks. Master Hui Zhen asked us to prepare them for you.”

Upon hearing that there was food, Su Yanyu was happy. “Really? Hurry, hurry, hurry. Serve the food. I’m a little hungry.”

Li Wei, Cheng Yan, and the others were also happy.

No one noticed that Mu Cong’s expression was a little unnatural.

Su Yanyu and the others quickly finished a few plates of exquisite snacks and a pot of fragrant vegetable porridge.

The Daoist nun swept her gaze over them and noticed that Mu Cong’s hand was trembling slightly. She went forward and asked. “What’s wrong, Young Master Mu? Is it not to your liking?”

Mu Cong was frightened. His entire body tensed up. Afraid that someone would notice something amiss, he gulped and said, “I drank a little too much. I haven’t sobered up yet, so I’m feeling a little uncomfortable.”


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