You Might Die If I Cast My Healing Spell

Chapter 244 - 244 An Extremely Dangerous Priest — Do Not Provoke! (I)

244 An Extremely Dangerous Priest — Do Not Provoke! (I)

Two days later, with the protection of the Professional Alliance, the military train safely arrived at Tianqi City, where Tianqi University was located. Fortunately, the rest of the journey was fairly peaceful. There were no more attacks on the train.

Lin Ye handed the abyssal core to the Professional Alliance in Tianqi City according to the procedure and then went to report to Tianqi University with Su Mumu.

Dong Zhuo’s group of three acted as if nothing had happened. They continued to take the train with Gu Yun to the city where their university was located.

But everyone on that train knew.

The three traitors had been put on the Professional Alliance’s watch list.

They could be arrested at any time.

On his way to Tianqi University, Lin Ye started to think about the pros and cons of joining the Omega Team.

The benefits were obvious.

First of all…

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If Lin Ye could participate in the battle in the frontlines against the Abyssal Demons and the Black Beast Alliance, it meant that he could get the support of the Professional Alliance and get high-quality equipment and skill books.

On the other hand, even if normal college students were very talented, the support they could get was very small, and they might not even get support at all.

After all, one was for the purpose of improving the combat power of the existing army, while the other was to wait for the fruits of the motherland’s flowers.

The Professional Alliance would definitely choose to train the former first rather than the latter.


Lin Ye now had two Godkiller-level weapons to raise. The earlier he participated in the battle to kill otherworldly creatures, the faster he could obtain remnant souls, level up his two “big bosses”, and strengthen his overall combat power.

If he went to college step by step and only joined the army after he graduated, the chances of him getting exterminated by those otherworld creatures would be higher than finishing his first year in university.

Plus, it would severely slow down the speed of his growth.

As for the disadvantages…

The obvious issue would be safety.

Lin Ye was only level 15. Although he was very good at one-on-one fights and could even kill a level 50 God-tier assassin, if the other party wanted to kill him, it would only take a set of normal attacks for them to succeed.

Not to mention, the real battlefield was full of AoE battles.

If Lin Ye didn’t use his Universe Reversal talent, he would instantly evaporate from a set of damage skills.

If he activated his Universe Reversal talent, he would still be vaporized by a set of healing skills from his teammates.

A fact that proves that he was no longer a human….

Another disadvantage…

Lin Ye would have to listen to his superior’s orders and commands after becoming a member of the Professional Alliance. He couldn’t do whatever he wanted like he was now.

In everything that he does, the whole team has to be his first priority. He could not be a hero and drag everyone else into the pit.

To be perfectly honest with himself….

Lin Ye hated the thought of not having his freedom.

His hands and feet were tied, and he had to listen to other people’s orders. He couldn’t use his full strength. He would feel like a sheep being kept under the watch of the shepherd dog

‘So, then?….’

‘Which should I choose?’

In the end, Lin Ye decided to put aside the matter of joining Omega’s Team for now. He could now rely on the Knights of Loyes from Hell’s Gate to obtain remnant souls, so he didn’t have to worry about his two “God-killer Brothers” food supply for the time being.

To put it simply, the advantages did not outweigh the disadvantages.

The members of the Professional Alliance didn’t say much about this decision. They didn’t know about Lin Ye’s Godkiller skills and equipment, and they just wanted to train Lin Ye’s combat skills and give him some resources.

After all…

Humans were still at war.

The enemies they were facing were as many as the forces of eight planes.

Whether it was equipment, skill books, or the crown of wisdom, they would all be sent to the front line as soon as possible. It was very difficult to have a good reason to give it to a student who was not participating in the battle.

Even if there was a good reason….

The Professional Alliance higher-ups would still be reluctant to give such good things to someone who had no value at the moment.

After putting this matter aside for later, Lin Ye officially entered Tianqi University.

He followed his previous plan and first activated the inheritance skill “Self-imprisonment” to reduce all his ability points by 50%. Then, according to the arrangement of the school’s teaching office, he carefully and closely examined his body.

“I’ve confirmed it.”

“There’s no problem at all,”

“I can arrange for you to enter the class tomorrow. The higher-ups said that your counselor has already been internally decided. I think she’s your previous teacher, Wan’er?”

Lin Ye nodded, “Yes,”

“And I still have a fixed team.”

“The members are Shangguan Yan, Bai Zhi, and Su Mumu. Su Mumu, like me, had some issues at home which was why we haven’t reported to school. This should be mentioned in the notice, right?”

The teacher in charge of the inspection glanced at the notice.

“Yes. As I’ve told you, the two of you don’t have to go through the process. You can go directly to Teacher Wan’er and immediately start your classes,”


‘Who is this kid?’

‘Which big family did this second generation Professionals come from?’

‘His family probably has a strong background…’

‘So strong that he could skip Tianqu University’s fixed registration process so easily!’

‘Wait, that’s not important. What’s important is that they came to school three months late without any clear explanations. Yet… They get away unscathed?’

‘Isn’t this… A little too overboard?’

‘However, these two students were so ‘high-profile’ and had special privileges that no one else had… I can already see how this information would make many of those proud geniuses in this school unhappy.’

Only the higher-ups in the Professional Alliance knew about Lin Ye’s specific achievements and experiences, and they kept it strictly confidential. No one was allowed to inquire about it.

Tianqi University and the Professional Alliance were two different systems.



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